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UNESCO radio programme


  • 1950 - 1990 (Production)

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UNESCO began to produce radio programmes in the late 1940s.
The programme was stopped in the 1999 when UNESCO decided to give priority to the information spreading via internet. All recordings are kept by the Bureau of Public Information.

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The aim of UNESCO radio was to contribute to the understanding of the ideals that the Organization stands for, through discussion of issues in the field of education, science, culture and communication. Around fifteen 30-minute feature programmes were produced each year in at least three official languages of UNESCO, English, French, Spanish or Russian. Their subjects, chosen on the basis of their interest both for UNESCO and the general public, covered a vast field ranging from Aids to astronomy, from biodiversity to bioethics, from street children to indigenous peoples, from the violence of war to the culture of peace.
The recordings were offered on tape or cassette to over 400 national, public and community radios in all parts of the world (257 stations broadcasting in English, 60 in French, 60 in Spanish and 42 in Russian) as well as to international short-wave broadcasters.

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Access upon request at the audio section of the Bureau of Public Information

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  • anglais
  • français
  • espagnol
  • russe

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sound records on tapes and cassettes

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The Bureau of Public Information (BPI) keeps registers and indexes on cards for radio programmes arranged by speaker, by theme, by title of program and by language.

There are different catalogs for every language available for the radio programmes:

For English:

  • "Selection of English Language Radio Recordings" (PI/R/1587) for the period from 1956 to 1979
  • "Selection of English Language Programmes" for the period from 1979 to 1995

For French:

  • " Catalogue de Programmes Radiophoniques " covering the period from 1953 to 1972 (PI/R/728)
  • supplement Nov. 1972 - Nov. 1976 (PI/R/1332)
  • supplement n 2 Dec. 1976 - Dec. 1977 (PI/R/1433)
  • supplement n 3 Jan. - Dec. 1978 (PI/R/1561)
  • supplement n 4 Jan - Dec. 1979 (PI/R/1622)
  • " Sélection de programmes en langue française " from 1977 to 1995

For Spanish:
"Catalogo de Programas seleccionados" covering the period from 1951 to 1987 (PI/R/110)

  • the production restarted in 1992, so another catalog covers 1992 to 1995.

For Russian:

  • " Liste de radio-journal et programmes spéciaux" for 1974 to 1983
  • Addendum 1 for 1983-1985
  • Addendum 2 for 1935-1987
  • the production restarted in 1992, o another catalog covers 1992 to 1995.

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