International Educational Cinematographic Institute (IECI)

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International Educational Cinematographic Institute (IECI)

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  • L’Institut international du cinéma éducatif (IICE)

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  • International Educational Cinematograph Institute
  • L’Institut international du cinéma éducateur

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An International Congress of Cinematography, organized by the International Commission for Intellectual Cooperation, was held in Paris in 27 September - 3 October 1926. The idea for an International Educational Cinematographic Institute was discussed at this meeting, but proposals for such an institute were being advanced even before 1925. At the end of the 1926 meeting, an international preparatory commission was established to study how such an international body should be organized. In April 1927, a European Conference on educational film was held in Bâle, Switzerland. One of the results of this conference was a resolution to establish a new permanent committee to be based in Rome to replace the former preparatory commission. Soon after, the Government of Italy proposed to the General Assembly of the League of Nations to establish and finance an International Educational Cinematographic Institute that would be under the direction of the League. After reviews of the proposed statutes carried out by the League and several of its organs, the General Assembly approved the project on 30 August 1928.
The governing bodies of the Institute were: a Board of Directors; a permanent Executive Committee; and a Director. There was also a Budget Commission to oversee financial matters. The Board of Directors met once a year and was composed of a President and fourteen members to be named by the Council of the League of Nations from members of the International Commission on Intellectual Cooperation (CICI) and the League of Nation’s Committee for the Protection of Children. The Italian member of the CICI served as President of the Board. Members of the League of Nations could make proposals to be considered by the Institute through the members of the Board of Directors. The Institute submitted a report of its activities to the Council of the League of Nations and the Government of Italy once a year.
IECI’s Statutes were modified in 1933 in the face of financial difficulties. The membership of the Board of Directors was reduced to twelve.
The mandate of the IECI was to encourage the production, dissemination and exchange of educational films in order to promote international understanding among the world’s peoples. It was also charged with the diffusion of best practices in the use of film for educational purposes. The statutes called for the Institute to act as an international cinémathèque, maintaining a current catalogue of educational films, and to act as an international clearing house for information on educational films.
In pursuit of its mandate, the IECI carried out the following activities through the course of its history: publication of the journals International Review of Educational Cinematograph (1929-1934), Interciné (1935) and Cinema (1936-1937); the organization of international conferences; collection of information on the associations and organizations involved in educational cinema around the world; collection of information on film in general and educational film for international dissemination; research on the influence of cinema on the intellectual development and mentality of children and youth; research on the use of film and visual imagery in teaching, including a study on the subjects best adapted for instruction through films; research on the social role of film as pastime and the use of film in propaganda and in public education; research and development of legislation concerning censorship, protection of children, copyright, conservation of films, and, in particular, work for the adoption of an International Convention on the international dissemination of educational films (adopted in October 1933 at an international conference convened by the League of Nations); studies on television; publication of the Encyclopedia of Cinematography , the first volume published in 1937; and, celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the birth of cinema.
The International Educational Cinematographic Institute was dissolved in 1937 when Italy withdrew from the League of Nations. CICI inherited some of its functions in 1938 with regards to the Interational Convention. The Comité international pour la diffusion artistique et littéraire par le cinématographe, created in 1930 and based in Paris, also pursued some of the IECI’s former activities. UNESCO, in particular in its activities in support of the free flow of information, was also a successor to the IECI.


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Comité Français de l’Institut international du cinéma éducatif (1930-1938)

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Giuliano, Balbino (1879-1958)

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Rocco, Alfredo (1875-1935)

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AWT 29/03/2011. Revised with Stöckmann source, AWT, 24-3-2016.




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