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English transcription: « Benito Juárez » rural school. Lessons in their own regional folklore are given to the children attending this school. Here, a small orchestra composed of traditional instruments, native to the region, gives a concert in the school yard.
French transcription: École rurale « Benito Juárez ». Le folklore régional fait partie de l’enseignement de cette école. Ici, un petit orchestre, composé d’instruments traditionnels de la région, donne un concert dans la cour de l’école.
Description: Children in a circle outside in a schoolyard. They are watching their friends who give a concert.The small orchestra is composed of traditional instruments.


English transcription: Benito Juarez rural school. A class.
French transcription: Ecole rurale Benito Juarez. Une classe .
Description: A busy classroom in which seven girls sit in two rows at the back and ten boys sit in two rows in the front. All but one student is writing in school exercise books with heads bent down.


English transcription: The schoolteacher giving after-lesson coaching to two of his pupils.
French transcription: Après la classe, un instituteur donne des explications à deux petites écolières.
Description: A crouching, suited teacher is showing/explaining a paper to two young standing girls.


English transcription: Schoolchildren doing their homework in the open air.
French transcription: Des écoliers font leurs devoirs en plein air après la classe.
Description: Five children sitting on stone steps, writing in books, clothed and barefoot.


English transcription: These children from the Chiapas Highlands of Mexico are benefitting from the Mexican Government's comprehensive rural development programme, which takes advantage of opportunities for services benefitting children to be built up as part of the social component of development. Improving educational opportunities for children in underserved Indian areas is one way of promoting the incorporation of the Indian population into the mainstream of development activities.
Description: Five laughing children wearing tunics look at two textbooks.


French transcription: Indiens Yaquis. Ecole de la Loma de Gamuchil avec au mur la représentation du fonctionnement des institutions de la tribu.
Description: Sept jeunes enfants sont autour d'une table. Derrière eux, une fresque murale avec une représentation d'une communauté des peuples indigènes.


  • FR PUNES AG 12-Photo-ED-L-2185/18 and UN 65486
  • Pièce
  • 2/24/1960
  • Fait partie de Audiovisual archives

English transcription: Close-up of youngsters learning to write in a classroom at the elementary school in La Pacanda.

Description: Six girls, all in white, in a classroom. Three are seated in the background, and three in the front. Two of the latter are writing in school exercise books.