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International Commission for a History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind

  • Sub-fundo
  • 1944-1974, predominant 1947-1969
  • Parte deSecretariat Records

Subfonds contains official and unofficial files, papers, letters, memoranda, manuscripts, maps, illustrations, photographs, etc. of the International Commission for a History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind as maintained by its Secretariat. The records reflect the preparation, publication, and reception of the six volumes of the History, as well as the publication of the Journal of World History. The original filing plan used by the Secretariat has been respected with only slight modifications. A 1979 accrual which has been added as series 11 is arranged according to filing plan codes where they were used, and then by original order at transfer. Also from the 1979 accrual, a manuscript series has been arranged as series 12. A last series 13 was created for the personal notebooks of the Secretary-General of the Commission, G.S. Métraux. On the file level, most of the items follow a strict chronological order but the copies and drafts have not been completely weeded through. Records date predominantly from 1947 when the General Conference resolved to begin the preparation of the History, to 1969 when the International Commission was dissolved. There are, however, some earlier documents collected by the Secretariat, and some later records added to the files prior to transfer to the Archives.

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English transcription: Reunion in Madrid, December 16th 1950. International Scientific and Cultural Commission. From left to right seated Dr. Constantine K. Zurayk (Syria), Dr. Julian Huxley (England), Dr. Paulo B. Carneiro, (Brazil), Dr. J. Torres Bodet (Mexico), Dr. Ralph E. Turner (USA), Dr. Carl J. Burckhardt (Switzerland). From left to right standing Dr. P. Bosch-Gimpera Mexico , Dr. Jean Thomas France, Dr. Silvio Zavala (Mexico), Dr. Charles Moraze France, Dr. Armando Cortesao (Portugal), Dr. Mario Praz (Italy). Title Commission members and UNESCO officials plan a History of Mankind. The photo appeared in the International Edition of the New York Times, Dec. 18, 1951 in connection with Ben Fine's story on the History of Mankind. (M. Chanderli has a clipping of the article.).

Description: 12 eminent personalities, 6 seated around a small table with an ashtray on top, and 6 standing behind them. On the wall behind them is a large framed photo of 3 children playing in a garden.