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Somalie Pièce
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English transcription: Encampment of nomads of the Danakil tribe in the Goudah Mountains. (The tents are made of palm fibre matting).
French transcription: Campement de Nomades Danakil dans les Monts Goudah. (Tente faite de nattes en fibres de Palmier doum).
Description: Four people, members of the Danakil Tribe are in front of a tent made of palm fibers in a somewhat grassy area.
Location: Somaliland Goudah Mountains.


English transcription: Literacy campaign. An evening literacy class for a group of former nomads, now living in a village on the banks of the river Juba. Their teacher, Ibrahim Aden Daga is also their chief.
French transcription: Alphabétisation. Ce sont d'anciens nomades, nouvellement installés dans ce village au bord de la rivière Juba, qui apprennent à lire et à écrire, le soir à la lueur des lampes à pétrole. Leur instituteur n'est autre que leur chef, Ibrahim Aden Daga.
Description: Three male figures, young men, are sitting cross-legged on dusty ground, as they write with pencils on small pads of paper. They are wearing white, loose fitting clothes.

Revised Standard Agreement

Print copy of Revised Standard Agreement (TAB/R.251/Add.47) signed between the Government of the Somali Republic and the Acting Resident Representative of the UN Technical Assistance Board in Somali Republic on behalf of the participating organizations.


English transcription: Abdulahi Quarshi, composer of the Somalian national anthem, has founded the Hamar Society whose members artists and musicians are attempting to revive traditional Somalian art and music. They have their own programme on the Somali national radio network.
French transcription: Abdulahi Quarshi, auteur de l'hymne national somalien, a fondé une société appelée Hamar composée d'artistes et de musiciens dans le but de faire revivre l'art et la musique somaliens. On peut les entendre à la radio nationale au cour du programme Dhawaya Somalia.
Description: He see a man with an string instrument. He seems to be playing it. He's looking away. He has a white shirt. He is inside a room, we can see some posters against a wall behind him.
Location: Mogadiscio