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archival descriptions
Senegal Educational systems With digital objects
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French transcription: Cours d'alphabétisation au village.
Description: Four women are reading pamphlets or workbooks. One is holding a baby.


French transcription: Senegal - Joal. Cooperative des femmes. Ker Simbara. Projet Tostan d'alphabétisation.
Description: A group of 12 women wearing sit in a classroom. The walls are covered with posters. The women are all clapping and smiling.


English transcription: Regional conference on African women and adult education. Shown here are delegates to the conference during a working session.
French transcription: Conférence régionale sur la femme africaine et l'éducation des adults. Ici, des délégués au cours d'une session de travail.
Description: A group of women from Africa are sitting in a conference room in two rows. The names of their countries are written on the table in front of them, along with small flags. The visible country names are Libéria, Haute Volta, Niger, and Madagascar.