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English transcription: Museum of Ife antiquities.
French transcription: Musée des antiquités d'Ifé.
Description: Photo d'un buste. Il représente une femme avec de nombreux colliers. Elle porte un une couronne avec une décoration au milieu du front. Son visage est parcouru de traits.
Location: Ife


English transcription: 30.364 The Jos Pottery Museum. Iregue Pottery.
French transcription: 30.364 Musee de poterie de Jos. Poterie Iregue.
Description: Pottery.
Location: Jos


English transcription: NIGERIA - Lagos - 1963. Lagos museum.
French transcription: NIGERIA - Lagos - 1963. Musée de Lagos.
Description: Display of masks.
Location: Lagos


English transcription: NIGERIA - Jos - 1964. The Jos Pottery Museum.
French transcription: NIGERIA - Jos - 1964. Musée de poterie de Jos. Vue extérieure du Musée.
Description: Exterior of Jos potery museum.
Location: Jos


English transcription: Sculptures in a pagan temple, dedicated to the thunder god.
French transcription: Sculptures dans un temple païen dédié au dieu du tonnerre.
Description: Indoors, a large number of wooden, mainly female, African statues are lined/piled up in 1/2 rows. Many of them are crowned with various sizes of white topknots, hats.
Location: Ibadan


English transcription: Museum of antiquities. Head carved in wood and then covered with leather (from Ekoi, East Nigeria).
French transcription: Musée d'Antiquités de Jos. Tête sculptée en bois, recouverte de cuir d'Ekoi (Nigéria oriental).
Description: Sculpture représentant une tête de femme. A la base elle porte de nombreux collier. Son cou est très long alors que ses oreilles sont toutes petites. Sa coiffure est en hauteur et très stylisée.
Location: Jos


English transcription: Clay sculpture dating from the time of Nok (900 BC - 300 AD) exhibited at the Second Negro-African Festival of Art and Culture.
French transcription: Terre-cuite de la période Nok (900 av.JC - 300 ap.J.C.) exposée au deuxième festival des arts et culture negro-africains (Janvier-Février 1977).
Description: Clay sculpture from Nok culture, a man head with big eyes with hairstyle detailed. The sculture is exposed in the museum.
Location: Lagos


English transcription: Stone carvings in the Alake Palace courtyard.
French transcription: Sculptures dans la cour du palais du Alake (roi) d'Abeokuta.
Description: An exhibition in the veranda of a house. Sculptures of different complexity, shapes and sizes sits on the margin of the veranda. in the back can be seen shades of two (possible) people. Every statue might represent a part of the life and history of the area (one of the statues looks like a man of order, other like an aborigen, etc.).
Location: Abeokuta


English transcription: Museum of Ife antiquities.
French transcription: Museé des antiquités d'Ifé.
Description: Scene from the museum of Ife antiquities.There are six pearsons, women and men wearing African textiles with different prints. They look at sculpture heads.
Location: Ife


English transcription: Museum of Ife antiquities.
French transcription: Musée des antiquités d'Ifé.
Description: The picture depicts visitors, women and men, looking at sculptures and photographs exhibited in a museum.