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French transcription: Forêts pétrifiées région de Thiès.
Description: Petrified trees with bare limbs in the Thiès region of Senegal stand in dry, arid land.
Location: Thiès.


English transcription: A view of the desert in the Atar-Chinguetti region.
French transcription: Le désert dans la région d'Atar-Chinguetti.
Description: A desert scene with rock and sand formations extending into the distance.
Location: Atar-Chinguetti.


English transcription: A well in the Atar region.
French transcription: Un puits dans la région d'Atar.
Description: A man is pulling up water with a rope from a simply constructed well. The area appears very sandy with palm like vegetation in the background.
Location: Atar.


English transcription: Nomad.
French transcription: Nomade.
Description: A nomad woman riding a camel. She is wearing a burka and no shoes. On one hand she has a ring, in which she is also holding a riding whip.


English transcription: Nomad life.
French transcription: Vie nomade.
Description: A young nomad woman peering out of a leather and reed tent perched upon a wooden framework atop a camel.


English transcription: The track from Zinder to Agadès.
French transcription: Piste de Zinder à Agadès.
Description: Dry, arid land with trees to the right and a dirt road to the left of the picture. In the distance is a tall rock formation; a shadowy figure stands near the top of it.


Description: 3 adults and 3 children are gathered around a fountain. With their feet or hands in the water and their white clothing, it seems that they are looking for some cooling off.


English transcription: View of the Mauritanian desert.
French transcription: Zones arides - vue du désert mauritanien.
Description: In the foreground is a rock formation in an arid land. At a distance three people stand by a truck.


English transcription: Arid zones - an experimental nursery.
French transcription: Zones arides - une pépinière expérimentale.
Description: Men and women tending to plants on the ground under cover of a structure made of natural materials.
Location: Nouakchott.


English transcription: Remains of a camel on the ancient trade route between Egypt and the interior of Africa.
French transcription: Les restes d'un chameau sur l'ancienne route de commerce entre l'Egypte et l'intérieur africain.
Description: Dans un dessert de sable, photo d'un squelette de chameau. On ne voit que du sable à perte de vue.


English transcription: Desert scene.
French transcription: Scène du désert.
Description: The silhouette of a woman carrying a container on her head is seen in the distance. In the foreground is desert, low stone walls and small ground-level palms. In the background, a sand dune.
Location: Fort Flatters.


English transcription: Pilgrims resting on their way to the holy tomb of Sidi-Abdallah among the sand dunes.
French transcription: Pèlerinage de la Sidi-Abdallah. A une certaine époque de l'année les habitants du pays se rendent en pèlerinage près d'un tombeau (Marabout) au milieu des sables. Ici, le tombeau au milieu des dunes et les premiers pèlerins.
Description: A gathering - in the desert - of standing and seated pilgrims, around the stone tomb of Marabout Sidi-Abdalla. A laded camel is being towed towards the group.


English transcription: The recent discovery of a deep artesian well gives a completely revised picture of the future development of this region of the Sahara desert. Experimental borings have released high pressure jets of water at a temperature of 60°C which is already being used in the irrigation channels of the region. Shown here is the fountain in the main square of Fort Flatters.
French transcription: La nappe albienne (nappe d'eau fossile) constitue la plus importante des richesses du sous-sol saharien. Des forages ont permis d'exploiter cette eau qui sort de terre sous forte pression et à une température de 60°C. Canalisée pour l'irrigation, elle rend ainsi peu à peu la vie à ce grand désert. Ici, une fontaine sur la grande place de Fort-Flatters.
Description: In the foreground a young girl at a cylindrical shaped water fountain with water pouring out of the spout. The child is standing in a dry field with no vegetation, between two large mounds of small stones or dirt. In the background is a tractor in front of a white building with a dome and three arched windows. There are two men standing behind a wire mesh fence. In the far background can be seen the tops of what may be large sand dunes.
Location: Fort Flatters.


English transcription: The Tassili des Ajjer is a vast rocky sandstone plateau which, due to its altitude (5,000 ft.), has a comparatively humid climate. Because of this, the plateau is one of the rare zones in the Algerian south where vegetation has survived - in the main, cypresses and wild olive trees. Its inhabitants, the Touareg Ajjer, are nomadic shepherds. Watering camels at a guelta in the bed of the Wadi Initinen. Gueltas are river-bed holes deep enough to trap and retain the region's infrequent and precious rainwater.
French transcription: Le Tassili des Ajjer est un vaste plateau de gré dont l'altitude relativement élevée (1500 m) lui confère une humidité qui a permis la survie d'une rare végétation (principalement cyprès et oliviers). Cette région est habitée par les Touareg Ajjer, nomades vivant des ressources que leur offrent leurs troupeaux de chèvres. Ici, chameaux à l'abreuvoir dans une guelta de l'oued Initinen. Les gueltas sont des trous d'eau qui subsistent lorsque l'oued s'assèche après les rares pluies qui tombent au Sahara.
Description: Birds-eye view. Camels carrying supplies and drinking water in a rocky desert landscape. Two men are beside the camels.
Location: Tassili des Ajjer.


English transcription: Arid zones - branches of palmtrees are used for firewood.
French transcription: Zones arides - les branches de palmier servent de combustible.
Description: Dans une plaine sèche, un homme porte sur son dos un énorme fagot de feuilles de palmier. Il y a à ses côtés des moutons qui avancent. On voit derrière lui une palmeraie.
Location: Rafilalet region.


English transcription: Arid zones - interior of a Berber home in the Anti-Atlas.
French transcription: Zones arides - scène à l'intérieur d'une maison berbère de l'Anti-Atlas.
Description: Two women in a room with stone walls. One of them is kneeling in front of a dish kneading dough.
Location: Goulimine.


English transcription: Arid zones: Nomad woman from the far south of Morocco.
French transcription: Zones arides: Femme nomade de l'extrême sud marocain.
Description: A woman with a child and a camel standing in the desert.
Location: Goulimine area.


English transcription: Arid zones. Nomad women weave their tents from goat and sheep wool on a traditional loom. These tents consist of several strips.
French transcription: Zones arides - la femme nomade tisse sa tente en laine de chèvre et de mouton sur un métier traditionnel. Elle se compose de plusieurs bandes.
Description: Dans un desert, des femmes sont en train de tisser. Elles sont assises par terre et travaillent à même le sol. L'une d'entre elles est debout et tiennent dans sa main une pelote de fil. Au second plan, on voit leur tente et des collines.
Location: Goulimine area.


English transcription: Arid zones - sandstorm around a nomad camp.
French transcription: Zones arides - vent de sable aux alentours d'un campement de nomades.
Description: A dromedary lies on the ground with its head elevated, looking into the camera. Two tents are seen in the background.
Location: Goulimine region.


English transcription: Arid zones - the dried-up rocky bed of the salt-water Wadi Noun.
French transcription: Zones arides - dalles rocheuses au fond de l'Oued Noun dont l'eau est salée.
Description: A mostly dried-up riverbed is surrounded by canyon-type rock formations. A small stream of water is seen in the foreground.
Location: Goulimine area.