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WLO 12

United Kingdom decision to withdraw. 1985

NATCOM. RPT - "New U. Reform proposals" March 1985

NATCOM Report August 1984

National Commission Summary Report and Resolution 1983

MTGS United Nations Agencies in DC 1982-1986

United Nations Agencies/Unesco. Correspondence 1983-1985

United Nations Day. Invitation List

UNESCO-UNDP Operational Activities

Liaison officers meetings. 1981-1982

UNEP. 1985

UNESCO/World Food Program. 1982-1983

WLO 18

African Diaspora project : general

African Diaspora project : meetings

General History of Africa : reception

A General History of the Caribbean - Latin America

Les statues de Rapa Nui : conservation et restauration

Restoration Statue of Liberty

World Heritage general: correspondence, articles

World Heritage Committee

Cultural and natural heritage - Cultural property

World Heritage list of sites I

WLO 20

Campaign to preserve Sanaa, Yemen
Invitation letters to speakers - Conference for USA journalists, 1984
International Fund for the Promotion of Culture
Education - in-out correspondence Unesco-HQ
Education - in-out correspondence general
Education: Unesco drug programme
Reports and articles on education in America, Spring 1983-85
International Bureau of Education (BIE)
Institute for International Education (IIE)
Literacy programs and others
International Literacy Day, 6 Sept. 1985
International Literacy Day
International Literacy Day, Sept. 1982-1983-1984
Literacy - general
National Literacy Campaign of Nicaragua
Ethiopian National Literacy Campaign
Science - in-out correspondence Unesco-HQ
Sáience - in-out correspondence - general
Bic-energy papers
Woodrow Wilson Center fleeting on Transborder Data Flows, Oct. 5, 1982
Communication - in-out correspondence Unesco-HQ
Communication - in-out correspondence
Communication - general

WLO 21

Misc. memos on Com. to DG and other officials

W. Harley's reports on Corn. 1985-

World Conference on working . conditions and safety of journalists, 1985

Corporation for Public Broadcasting "INPUT" conferences - Jennifer Lawson

Palmer and Black Press Institute

African-American Radio and IV co-production project

World Communications Year

N W I 0 miscellaneous documents

Res. 137 : Unesco and N W I 0 7/81

Letter from Bolla to Theberge - Media Institute on Unesco - activities in information field, September 16, 1982

The Media Institute, Newsletters, correspondence, Seminar
for Brazilian journalists

USTTI Memo to DG of Sept. 23, 1982

Consultation on the protection of journalists, Unesco, Paris, Feb. 16-18, 1981

Draft Declaration on the Mass Media

Minutes, Unesco/INTELSAT, Friday, Nov. 20, 1981

Mr. Gomez' paper (US Foreign N W I 0 Press Centers)

MacBride Commission

WLO 22

Communication - Congressional hearing, July 31, 1980

IPDC projects

IPDC material

IPDC - US contributions

IPIX program for Caribbean fellows - April 1985, includes list of media, TV people in D.C.

Draft of William Salmon, Feb. 12, 1982 on: International Aspects of Communication - Information

Mehan's articles on communication

COMNET - 2 basic documents on International Network of Documentation Centers on communication research and policies (fac)

Bill S. 1193 and all amendments presented at 97th Congress
1st Session beginning May 1981 (see separate folder for Hearings)*

Remarks by Walter CRONKITE at the National Association of Broadcasters, April 7, 1982

US National Commission 1983

US National Commission 1984

WLO 29

Headquarters visitors to Washington:

Mr Senarclen8, 11 March 1982
Jean- Baptiste de Week, June 1-2, 1982
H. Kandil visit to Wash July 14-22, 1982
S. Laurie, Dir. IIEP Paris
U Thet Tun visit to Wsh. July 23, 1982
Mr S. Busutill visit to Wash. October 28 to 31, 1982
Mr. Romero Lozano - Washington CIECC Oct. 11-18/82
Mr. S. Busutill, visit to Wash. October 28 to 31 9 1982
Mr. Isar - Washington, Oct.8, 1982
Mr. I. Antoniades's visit to Wash. Dec. 5, 1982
Mr. Papa Blanco's visit, March 11, 1983
Mr Bolla Feb 27- March 1, 1983
Linkowski April 1983
Visit Mr. Amunagama, Dir IPDC April 29-May 1, 1983
Charles Moraze June 1983
Mr Hatori's visit to Wash. June 10, 1983
Visit to DC - Mr Beresovski March 18, 19, 1983
Visit Mr Beresovski - Pachauri Wash. May 30-June 2, 1983
M. Sinaceur July 29, 1983
Mr Varkados visit to Washington Septembre 1983
Loewald's visit to Wash. Sept 12, 1983
T.C. Young Sept 1983
Mr Kusi visit to WDC, 9-12-1984
Mrs. T. Skard - Nov. 5, 1984 (Women studies)
M. Staeyert - Wash. June 20, 1984
Visit Arthur Gavshon (Journalist) October 17, 1985

Cylon Schools Project

Ceylon Schools Project - proposed drawings
Project preparation background
Preliminary data on space & costs
Primary school and secondary school July 1970
Architect's brief
A flexible low-cost multipurpuse laboratory
Classroom furniture for Ceylon Schools by Gammelgaard 1969 (Box ARISBR 3A)



BlO- Energy Council 1983-1984

National Endowment for the Arts 1983

William Penn House 1982

Smithsonian Institution, Wilson Centre 1985

ICAN Meeting 1985

NGO in USA 1984

Misc memos and letters to Hqs 1983-1985

International Film and TV Council 1984-1986

PEN International 1986

Telex machine 1983

Telex instructions no date

Non-Profit postage

Staff training 1985

Greeting cards

Si-monthly Travel Schedule 1978

Inquiries from the public 1984


Tailloires 'Voices of Freedom' 1981

Preparatory meeting of experts for intergovernmental planning conference to develop institutional arrangements for systematic collaborative consultation
on communication development activities. 1979

New World Information Order 1981

Communication 1981

Communication, general Corr. 1978-1980

Communication, general Corr. 1981

Unesco-USA relations, DOS – AID 1978-1980

Unesco-USA relations, US Congress 1977-1980

Unesco-USA relations, Dept. of State 1978-1980

Unesco-USA relations, DHEW 1979

Unesco-USA relations, FY. 70 1977

DG, articale for 'Social Education' 1979-1980

DG, Visit to Tanzania 1980

Vance resignation, articles 1980

Unesco - AID meeting 1979

American Foundation for the Protection of Tyre 1980

UN, Conference on Science and Technology for Development 1979

US foreign Assistance 1979

Helms amendment activity 1978-1979

Council on Foreign Relations 1979

DG, Article on Sciences and Technology, Jayne Wood 1979

US, Hostages in Iran 1980-1981

Unesco, IBRD/IDB meeting

American University 1979

Transkei 1980

Mudra-Afrique 1980

Aime Cesaire Project 1979-1980

WLO 11

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Social Sciences 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Communication 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: BEP 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: PRS 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: PER 1979-1983

Publication, old – requests 1982

Information requests 1983-1984

WLO 14

Unesco/IDB relations. 1985-1986

Unesco/IDB relations génerales. 1985-1986

OAS-Unesco relations. 1985-1986

OAS Meetings (AG, CIECC, CIM, etc.) 1979-1983

OAS Permanent Council Meeting-on Grenada. Mr. W. DAM, Deputy Secreatary of State - statement. 1983

OAS-Unesco Relations. 1984

Director-General visit. 27-30 July 1984

Director-General's - trip to American Library

Association Meeting. Dallas. 6-20,1984

Director-General's visit to Howard University 1983

Director-General's visit to Cambridge, Boston. July 13-15, 1983

Director-General's visit to Washington. 15 January 1986

WLO 15

Speeches prepared by HQ, modified later

Facts about Voice of America, I.C.A., US Congress, Yerkes Centre. University of Atlanta, Charles Wick Biography. 1982. English and French.

Pictures sent by Dr. King (erkes) 1982.

Director-General visit to United States. June 1-4, 1982. Background.

Correspondence - projets de discours. 1982.

Director-General - Curriculum Vitae.

Inputs for Director-General. Addresses prepared by Dr. Challenor. 1982.

Speeches delivered by the Director-General. Draft version. June 1-4, 1982.

Director-General speeches - final version. Baltimore, Columbia, Laval. 1982.

NATCOM Meeting, Columbia. South Carolina. June 1-3, 1982.

WLO 23

National Commission meeting, Feb. 3-4, 1983, Washington DC

Unesco National Commission, General, 1981, 1982, 1983

UN National Commission. Special Meeting on a critical assessment of UN participation in Unesco,June 1-3, 1982

A critical assessment of US participation in Unesco, Special meeting of National Commission June 1-3, 1982 University of South Carolina

Condoleances: MacLeish, April 1982; Clyde Ferguson, Feb. 1984

DG visit to the US - general

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