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Publications authored by the International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems can be found in UNESCO's main documents and publications repository, UNESDOC: LINK (as of June 2023)


Tailloires 'Voices of Freedom' 1981

Preparatory meeting of experts for intergovernmental planning conference to develop institutional arrangements for systematic collaborative consultation on communication development activities. 1979

New World Information Order 1981

Communication 1981

Communication, general Corr. 1978-1980

Communication, general Corr. 1981

Unesco-USA relations, DOS – AID 1978-1980

Unesco-USA relations, US Congress 1977-1980

Unesco-USA relations, Dept. of State 1978-1980

Unesco-USA relations, DHEW 1979

Unesco-USA relations, FY. 70 1977

DG, articale for 'Social Education' 1979-1980

DG, Visit to Tanzania 1980

Vance resignation, articles 1980

Unesco - AID meeting 1979

American Foundation for the Protection of Tyre 1980

UN, Conference on Science and Technology for Development 1979

US foreign Assistance 1979

Helms amendment activity 1978-1979

Council on Foreign Relations 1979

DG, Article on Sciences and Technology, Jayne Wood 1979

US, Hostages in Iran 1980-1981

Unesco, IBRD/IDB meeting

American University 1979

Transkei 1980

Mudra-Afrique 1980

Aime Cesaire Project 1979-1980

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