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Series consists of documentation files with newspaper clippings, typed speeches and other printed or published material gathered by the Comité to document a subject. The series does however extend to 1939, after the Comité was officially dissolved. It seems then that the staff of the Institute continued to add to the series in 1939. It is arranged into five subseries according to the original alpha-numeric classification scheme.

IICI Documents

Series consists of official documents of the IICI, the International Museums Office and the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation. The original order has been maintained; documents are organized roughly in alpha-numeric order or in alphabetical order according to document code.

International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation fonds

Fonds consists of the records of the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation (IICI) as well as the records of the Commission internationale de cooperation intellectuelle (CICI), the Office international des musées (OIM), and the Comité français du cinema éducatif (CFCE). The fonds is arranged into the following sous-fonds and series: IICI Correspondence Files; IICI Documents; IICI Publications; IICI Financial Records; IICI Liquidation Files; Records of the Comité français du cinema éducatif; and Records of the Office international des musées.


  1. Commission de contrôle. Rapport
  2. Statut de la Caisse de prévoyance du personnel. Rapport
  3. Système de Retraites et de Retenues sur les Traitements
  4. Rapport adopté par la Commission de contrôle
  5. Comité de Liquidation Rapport Final


  1. Statistical Summary of Education
  2. Explanation of items in blank for reports of state school systems
  3. Annual report of the commission of patents
  4. Why standardized Accounting?


Subseries consists of records pertaining to OIM activities concerning chalcography and the exhibition of the engravings. It is arranged into twelve files, maintained in their original alpha-numeric order.

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