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Conference of Allied Ministers of Education
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Books and Periodicals Commission

Subseries consists of agendas and summary records of the meetings of CAME's Books and Periodicals Commission. It is arranged with agendas first in chronological order, followed by the summary records in chronological order. Documents from the subcommittees of the Books and Periodicals Commission are described as subseries onto themselves.

General series

Subseries consists of official CAME documents issued with the general series code AME/A. The documents pertain to all areas of CAME's activities. They are arranged in order of the document code which is also roughly chronological.

Science Commission files

Subseries consists of correspondence files of the CAME Science Commission. The files pertain to CAME's work in general and to the Commission's work in studying needs for scientific equipment and preparing inventories. The files were reorganized by the Natural Sciences Section of the UNESCO Secretariat according to a numeric classification scheme. There are also some records of the Natural Sciences Section that were added to the files.

Open Meetings

Subseries consists of an agenda and reports from the two open meetings held between CAME and the delegation for the United States of America in April 1944. Documents are arranged in chronological order.

Correspondence files

Series consists of correspondence files from the CAME Secretariat which was based at the British Council. The series is arranged into two subseries: CAME Secretariat files (with a British Council filing scheme) and CAME Science Commission files (with a different numeric classification scheme).

Conference of Allied Ministers of Education fonds

The first part of the fonds is mostly part of the British Council registry files.
The second part consists of files of the Science Commission and was later used by the Natural Science Section (NS) in the UNESCO Secretariat. The Natural Science Section (today Natural Science Sector) worked on the inventories of scientific equipment. As a result the second part of the files contains some correspondence of the Natural Science Section (for example file 6.32). Documents and records of the meetings are the most important part of the archives of CAME.
The documents were probably filed first together with the correspondence but later they were removed and bound in separate volumes. What is left in the correspondence files is mostly of a secondary nature but the files may contain useful additional information.

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Executive Bureau

Subseries consists of agendas and summary reports of the meetings of the CAME Executive Bureau from 1943 to 1945. The subseries is arranged with the agendas in chronological order, followed by the summary records in chronological order.