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Troisième avenant au plan-cadre des opérations pour un programme de valorisation des travaux pratiques et des connaissances usuelles dans l'enseignement primaire en Tunisie - E/ICEF/P.L.997 - UNICEF/NAAO

The Basic Agreement was signed between Unicef and Tunisia in 1964, the First Addendum signed in March 1967 and the Second Addendum signed in October 1967. Both UNESCO and FAO were included in this Third Addendum. The document is a signed original.


English transcription: Arid Zone Research Centre. This Centre, assisted by UNESCO, is conducting a programme of study and research relating to natural resources of the arid regions of Tunisia as well as undertaking to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants. The Centre has two laboratories, one for plant physiology and another for soil physics, which study the resistance of plants to salt water and their reactions to heat, radiation and drought.
French transcription: Centre de recherches sur la zone aride. Ce Centre, assisté par l’UNESCO, a pour but d'améliorer les régions arides de la Tunisie ainsi que les conditions de vie de ses habitants. Il se compose d’un laboratoire de physiologie des plantes et d’un laboratoire de physique du sol qui étudient la résistance des plantes à l’eau salée et leur réaction à la chaleur, à la radiation et au manque d’eau.
Description: A man in a white coat is working in the laboratory. There is a lot of high white cans linked to an electric device. Others are located on shelves and contain plants.
Location: Tunis.