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  • GAO Study 1984

  • GAO-Heritage Backgrounder 1984

  • Report on Unesco to USA Congress 1983

  • Congressional staff study Mission 1984

  • Misc. reports including Sussman's, UNA's 1985

  • Young Ideas, US National Corn., Congressional Research Service, US withdrawal from ILO successful preceding for Unesco, Doc. 1984

  • US participation in international scientific, educational, cultural and communications fields in the absence of US membership in Unesco 1985

  • Finkelstein report (US & Unesco) 1982

  • Early report on Unesco by US National Commission
    The US and Unesco: Statement by Mrs H.S Chalienor and background papers 1984

  • Questions on Unesco budget 1984

  • US Policy review: report on Unesco to US Congress 1984

  • Inquiries from public on US withdrawal 1984

  • Documents


Israel-Reagan Plan, Shultz statement before the House Foreign Affairs Cte. 1982

Caribbean basin initiative speech by Reagan 1982

Reagan Administration-misc. 1981

Reagan Administration-misc. 1982-1985

US Policy-Arms Control 1984

Reagan Speeches at Cancun 1981

Reagan Administration – Development 1982

Schultz confirmation as Secretary of State

Presidential election coverage 1984

Reagan Administration - personnel and policy 1981

Bishops' LET 1984

Think Tank in D.C.

International Exhibitions Foundation 1982

Cultural Alliance of Washington 1982

International Cultural Assistance 1985

XXI Century Foundation Conference 1982

Inter-American Foundation


Statement of Ambassador J.B.S. Gerard 115 EX.

Union of Concerned Scientists 1982

Export Licenses to Libya
US Gov. regulation on Exports to Libya 1982

Malvina/Falkland 1982

Foundation for International Technological Cooperation no date

Unesco and Agency for International Development 1981-1985

Unesco/AID meeting 1982

Department of State, general 1985

Meeting between Najman/Elliott Abrams 1981

Department of State: Student-intern programme no date

Department of State: Summer Internship in Africa no date

Israel 1982

Israel question and US Congress 1982

Israel and Lebanon 115 EX. 1982

American Committee on Africa 1984

Center of Concern 1985

World Craft Council 1980

Institute for Policy Studies 1983

International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Inc. 1983-1984

Equity Policy Center 1982



BlO- Energy Council 1983-1984

National Endowment for the Arts 1983

William Penn House 1982

Smithsonian Institution, Wilson Centre 1985

ICAN Meeting 1985

NGO in USA 1984

Misc memos and letters to Hqs 1983-1985

International Film and TV Council 1984-1986

PEN International 1986

Telex machine 1983

Telex instructions no date

Non-Profit postage

Staff training 1985

Greeting cards

Si-monthly Travel Schedule 1978

Inquiries from the public 1984


DG, conversation With Gov. J. Gilligan, AID 1978
DG, conversation with US National Corn. 1978
DG, conversation With J Joseph, Dept. Interior 1978
DG, conversation with Dept. of Health 1978
DG, conversation With J. Duffey and colleagues at the National Endowment for the Humanities 1978
DG, conversation with ACE 1978
DG, conversation with Washington Post 1978
DG, conversation with World Press Freedom Corn. 1978
Rafael Rivas Posada 1981
R. Parris mission 1981
Standke 1981
Hqs visitors to WLO 1978-1979
Dumitrescu's Visit 1982
Jaz 1981
Joannon 1981
Kaddoura 1981
Kovacs 1981
Gottschalk 1981
Alayew 1981
Hauet 1981
18th Congress of International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics 1980
Despatch of Kampuchean Chronicles 1980
DG, visit to Honolulu 1980
DG, Visit to to USA, Lists 1978
DG, Visit to US, status report to Najman 1978
DG, visit to US, agendas 1978
DG, Visit to US , reception 1978
DG, Visit to US 1978
DG, Visit to US, Schedules 1978
DG, visit to US, thanks out drafts 1978
DG, Visit to US, thanks in 1978
DG, Visit to US, thanks out 1978
DG, Visit to US, summary report 1978
DG, conversation With DOS 1978
DG, conversation with Dep. Sec. of State 1978
DG, conversation with Dailey & Warvariv 1978
DG, conversation With C.Vance Secretary of State 1978
DG, conversation With J. Reinhardt, ICA 1978
Xerox 1979-1982
Postalia 1976-1979
Carceles, G mission 1980
Doch 6 Wagner mission 1980
Fanchette ' s mission 1980
Fuichieri's mission 1979
Brody's mission 1980
Ziolkowski's mission 1980
DDG (F. Mayor), Mission 1980
Morsy's mission 1980
Invitation lists Children's art exhibition No date
Inspection mission 1979
US National Cte. for PGI 1980

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