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Instruments signed with organizations, companies and private individuals

The series consists of legal instruments signed between UNESCO and non-governmental organizations, universities, foundations, private companies, or individuals. The series includes state universities and academies, but not research institutes with reporting relations to branches of government. United Nations University (UNU), University for Peace (UPEACE) and World Maritime University (WMU) agreements are filed under series A as they were established by the UN system. All UNESCO Chair agreements are filed in this series, but UNITWIN agreements may be found in series A or B. The Archives staff also used this series at first to register special documents or objects of intrinsic value, such as medals, emblems, speeches, recordings, and stamps. The series further contains subseries of agreements for the safeguarding campaigns. Agreements are arranged in order of the reference code given upon registration in the Archives and are, therefore, roughly in chronological order.

Donations, bequests and legacies

Series consists of legal instruments or other documents generated when UNESCO received a donation of property. It does not include instruments related to gifts of art (with the exception of photograph C/9) or smaller regular donations of books, objects and equipment. The files are arranged in order of the reference code given upon registration in the Archives and are, therefore, roughly in chronological order.


La sous-série des diapositifs contient des négatifs de diapositifs d'évènements auxquels l'IBI participa, ou organisa. On y trouve notamment des diapositives du séminaire inaugural de l'Institut pour le développement de l'informatique (IBIDI), tenu à la technopolis de Bari, du 24 au 30 novembre 1985, ainsi que les diapositifs d'une communication donnée par Enrique Melrose, directeur du département de l'Amérique latine à l'occasion d'une conférence indéterminée. D'autres diapositifs contiennent des éléments de présentation de l'IBI, dont certains à l'occasion de la conférence SPIN et celles d'un accord de coopération engageant l'IBI de nature indéterminée. Trois autres boîtes de diapositifs renseignement sur des réunions de l'IBI.

Une grande partie des diapositifs présentants l'IBI semble être du matériel utilisé dans la confection des enregistrements promotionnels audiovisuels de l'IBI. Ceux-ci pourront être consultés dans les ensembles de la sous-série des cassettes vidéos magnétiques, particulièrement le dossier "Présentation de l'IBI".

Country files

The External Relations service of the Cabinet of the Director-General was responsible for relations with member and non-member states. Files are organized by country and mostly contain correspondence. Other possible documents attached to the correspondence include: reports, meeting documents, and cooperation agreements. The original order of the series was maintained - the files are roughly in alphabetical order as each country was assigned a number such as, for example: C.1 Afghanistan, C.2 Albania, C.3 Algeria, etc. In seems that in most cases files dating from before 1982 are missing. This is most apparent for countries which had many exchanges with the IBI, such as Italy, France, Spain and the United States of America, for example. Files for those countries represent the bulk of the series.

Epreuves, broullions et références

Cette série de dossiers contient des épreuves et brouillons au contenu héteroclyte. On y relève particulièrement des documents relatifs aux centres régionaux (documents officiels CREAL et CRIBI), Transborder Data Flows, au Groupe de Cali, Groupe de Yamoussoukro, à la base de données AIDS du service de l'information, également les séries de couleur (rouge, beige, jaune), et des rapports.

Executive Council records

The Executive Council subfonds is arranged into the following series:
-IBI/2/1: Executive Council sessions
-IBI/2/2: Executive Council session transcriptions
-IBI/2/3: Reflection Committee
-IBI/2/4: Consultative Programme and Budget Committee
-IBI/2/5: Consultative Scientific Committee

Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics. Executive Council

Secretariat of the Director-General records

The subfonds contains copies of outgoing mail as well as the IBI’s incoming and outgoing correspondence (letters and telexes). There are gaps in each of the series in the subfonds: IBI/5/1/1 Originals, IBI/5/1/2 Outgoing, and IBI/5/1/3 Telexes and telegrammes. For series IBI/5/1/1 Originals, mail is missing prior to the last trimester of 1982. After this time, the series is relatively complete and regular until the first trimester of 1988. Series IBI/5/1/2, Outgoing correspondence, is more fragmented and incomplete and does not contain any documents prior to 1983. Series 5/1/3 contains only a few files of incoming telexes and telegrams for the years 1986-1987.

Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics. Secretariat of the Director-General

Information and documentation

The IBI Documentation Centre maintained a library of material related to informatics or information technologies. The material was organized according to thematic groupings which were assigned a classification code. The series has three subseries, including one on the history of the organization from its creation to the 1980s entitled "Histoire de l'IBI."

Retrait américain - Budget

Documents traitant notamment du budget pour 1984-1985, du groupe de Genève, de la contribution financière des Etats-Unis et de la réunion des "Dix"

Types de documents : tableaux statistiques, télégrammes, correspondances (notamment correspondances officielles au sein de l'UNESCO).

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