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WLO 17

Unesco Fundraising and Philanthropy in the U.S. Council on foundations; FIT. 1985.

"Crisis in Unesco" paper. 1984.

Funds-in-trust Programme. 1985.

Legal implications United States withdrawal (ILO). 1985.

Correspondence - United States withdrawal issue (other than HQ) - 1985.

Alternatives to Unesco ? 1984.

Reform observation panel. 1985.

Monitoring panel. 1984.

NG0 activities. 1984-1986.

Robert Harris. Standing Committee on International NGOs World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession. 1984.

American Home Economics Association, (AHEA),Anaheii California, June 26, 1984. Speeches and other documents.

Annual Meeting - American Home Economics Association (AREA) - ASSN - Anaheim, California. June 25-30, 1984.

WLO 16

Director-General visit. April 8-10, 1984.

Director-General visit - Briefings. April 1984.

Director-General speeches. 1984. Eng and Fr.

Correspondence, schedule, article, lists.

OPI Bills. 1984.

Schedule and flights 1982.

Miscellaneous support (other than NGOs). 1985.

Proposed action. 1984.

Key US individuals connected with Unesco. 1984.

Americans for the universality of Unesco. 1985.

US National Commission Meeting. December 13, 1984.

US National Commission Assessment -othér ' NATCOM. Reports. 1984.

WLO 15

Speeches prepared by HQ, modified later

Facts about Voice of America, I.C.A., US Congress, Yerkes Centre. University of Atlanta, Charles Wick Biography. 1982. English and French.

Pictures sent by Dr. King (erkes) 1982.

Director-General visit to United States. June 1-4, 1982. Background.

Correspondence - projets de discours. 1982.

Director-General - Curriculum Vitae.

Inputs for Director-General. Addresses prepared by Dr. Challenor. 1982.

Speeches delivered by the Director-General. Draft version. June 1-4, 1982.

Director-General speeches - final version. Baltimore, Columbia, Laval. 1982.

NATCOM Meeting, Columbia. South Carolina. June 1-3, 1982.

WLO 14

Unesco/IDB relations. 1985-1986

Unesco/IDB relations génerales. 1985-1986

OAS-Unesco relations. 1985-1986

OAS Meetings (AG, CIECC, CIM, etc.) 1979-1983

OAS Permanent Council Meeting-on Grenada. Mr. W. DAM, Deputy Secreatary of State - statement. 1983

OAS-Unesco Relations. 1984

Director-General visit. 27-30 July 1984

Director-General's - trip to American Library

Association Meeting. Dallas. 6-20,1984

Director-General's visit to Howard University 1983

Director-General's visit to Cambridge, Boston. July 13-15, 1983

Director-General's visit to Washington. 15 January 1986

WLO 13

Memos to the DG on US/UNESCO relations. 1983

USG Statements - Elliott Abrams. 1981

Correspondence WLO - HQ WLO - Documents. 1981-1984

Unesco - US Relations Congress (correspondence 1981-83)

Unesco - US Relations. Department of Education. 1983

US/Unesco relations "la presse et les milieux politiques américains en regard de l'Unesco." 1982

US Meetings WLO invited to 1981-1982

Unesco - US relations General

WBK Seminar on contracts with WBK. 7-8 Feb. 1983

Costing of expert services IBRD/IDB. 1983

World Bank-Unesco - Operational activities 1982-1983-1984

Unesco/World Bank Cooperative Programme. 1983-1985

World Bank-Unesco relations. 1981-1985

Hearings on the World Bank. 1985

World Bank-Unesco relations. 1985-1986

World Bank-General correspondence - starting 1981

IMF-World Bank Joint Library. 1983

World Bank's Seminar. May 14-15, 1984

World Bank-Unesco operational activities. 1985-86

IDB - Operational Activities. 1984

WLO 12

United Kingdom decision to withdraw. 1985

NATCOM. RPT - "New U. Reform proposals" March 1985

NATCOM Report August 1984

National Commission Summary Report and Resolution 1983

MTGS United Nations Agencies in DC 1982-1986

United Nations Agencies/Unesco. Correspondence 1983-1985

United Nations Day. Invitation List

UNESCO-UNDP Operational Activities

Liaison officers meetings. 1981-1982

UNEP. 1985

UNESCO/World Food Program. 1982-1983

WLO 11

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Social Sciences 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Communication 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: BEP 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: PRS 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: PER 1979-1983

Publication, old – requests 1982

Information requests 1983-1984

WLO 10

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1980

Inter-American Bank for Development 1979-1980

OAS-Unesco relations 1979-1981

OAS 5 year plan on inter-American Indian action 1980

Sub-Regional Course on CLT Policy and ADM. 1960

OAS-Unesco Cooperation 1978-1979

OAS-Unesco Cooperation 1980-1981

African Diaspora Conference 1979

African Diaspora, Project 1979-1980

Challenor, Mission to Africa 1980-1981

IFPC-Fund 1980

US, National Comm., Intern. Year of the Child, IYC. 1980

International Year of the Child, I YC. 1977-1978

Elche Mystery Play 1979-1980

IYC - Ana-Maria Vera, Concert 1979

IYC 1979

IYC, Children's art exhibition 1979

Satellite photographs of Egypt 1979

The Right to Cultural Memory, Seminar 1979

Kjan shipment 1979

Venezuela School of CON. Project 1979

Intern. Symposium on Cinema and Society 1978

Unesco-USAID Population Seminar 1981

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Education 1979-1983

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Culture 1979-1963

Participation of US professional community in Unesco's work: Sciences 1979-1983


  • GAO Study 1984

  • GAO-Heritage Backgrounder 1984

  • Report on Unesco to USA Congress 1983

  • Congressional staff study Mission 1984

  • Misc. reports including Sussman's, UNA's 1985

  • Young Ideas, US National Corn., Congressional Research Service, US withdrawal from ILO successful preceding for Unesco, Doc. 1984

  • US participation in international scientific, educational, cultural and communications fields in the absence of US membership in Unesco 1985

  • Finkelstein report (US & Unesco) 1982

  • Early report on Unesco by US National Commission
    The US and Unesco: Statement by Mrs H.S Chalienor and background papers 1984

  • Questions on Unesco budget 1984

  • US Policy review: report on Unesco to US Congress 1984

  • Inquiries from public on US withdrawal 1984

  • Documents


File has the following sub-titles: Evian - 2/07, Genève - 6/07, Londres - 8/07, Paris - 14/07, New York, Washington, Ottawa - avril, Londres - avril, Genève - mars, Rome, Le Caire, Addis-Abeba - dec. 1958-janv. 1959.

Universal Copyright Convention

Item is the Convention in French, English and Spanish. The different language versions of the Convention, the resolutions on Article XVII and Article XI, and the three Protocols have different signature pages. However, they are all physically bound together in one volume (code on cover A/115/1).

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