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Subseries consists of original copies of Recommendations adopted at sessions of the General Conference since 1978. There are also some instruments from member states announcing the adoption of the Recommendation.

Assistance technique - Caméroun

The legal instruments in this subseries follow upon the Basic agreement between the UNO, ILO, FAO, UNESCO, ICAO, WHO, TAB and the Government of the United Kingdom (A/125/1) signed 25 June 1951.

United Nations Technical Assistance Conferences

Subseries contains certified true copies of the final acts from the United Nations Technical Assistance Conferences from 1950 to 1955. Although a code was left blank (A/34/5) there are notes in the file indicating that UNESCO did not receive a copy from the fifth conference which took place in 1954. Filed in the acts are letters from the UN Legal Counsel indicating that they are transmitting certified true copies.

Executive Bureau

Subseries consists of agendas and summary reports of the meetings of the CAME Executive Bureau from 1943 to 1945. The subseries is arranged with the agendas in chronological order, followed by the summary records in chronological order.

General series

Subseries consists of official CAME documents issued with the general series code AME/A. The documents pertain to all areas of CAME's activities. They are arranged in order of the document code which is also roughly chronological.

Science Commission files

Subseries consists of correspondence files of the CAME Science Commission. The files pertain to CAME's work in general and to the Commission's work in studying needs for scientific equipment and preparing inventories. The files were reorganized by the Natural Sciences Section of the UNESCO Secretariat according to a numeric classification scheme. There are also some records of the Natural Sciences Section that were added to the files.

Prep.Com. Documents

Subseries consists of 71 documents (excluding any revisions and addenda) which were issued under the general code Prep.Com. The subseries is arranged in numeric order based on the codes.

Editorial Committee of the Study on Fundamental Education

Subseries consists of the documents of the Editorial Committee responsible for editing the material gathered from world authorities in fundamental education in advance of the First Session of the General Conference of UNESCO. The resulting publication explained UNESCO's suggested programme of action in the field of fundamental education. The Committee's documents have no document code but are arranged roughly in reverse chronological order.

Committee on Libraries, Museums, Publications and Special Projects documents and meetings

Subseries consists of documents issued by the Preparatory Commission's Committee on Libraries, Museums, Publications and Special Projects. It also includes the records of the Committee's meetings. The documents and meeting records have the document code Prep.Com./ L. M. & Sp. Proj. Com./. The subseries is arranged in order of the code with the documents before the meeting records.

Press releases

Subseries consists of press releases issued by the Preparatory Commission. They have the code Press/ or Prep.Com./Pub.Inf./Press. There are also documents with no code. The subseries is arranged in order of the document code.

Alphabetical correspondence

Subseries consists of outgoing correspondence from 1965-1970 and incoming correspondence from 1969-1970. The outgoing correspondence is arranged alphabetically within the files which are then arranged by year. Incoming correspondence follows the ougoing correspondence and follows the same pattern.

Organization of the games

  • Subseries
  • 1989-1999, predominant 1994-1997
  • Part of Secretariat Records

Subseries consists of files related to the preparation and roll-out of the Romania and Togo Peace Games. Files include evaluations and feasibility studies for the Games; correspondence, including with Member States; General Conference and Executive Board documents related to the Games; programmes; memos; sponsorship correspondence; as well as photographs from the Romania games. There is some duplication with other series.

Press files and objects

Subseries consists of press files related to media coverage of the Romania and Togo games; recordings of the Romania games in VHS, Betacam and cassette tape formats; correspondence related to the medals to be distributed to the winners; and photographs. Also included are posters; artisanal and decorative objects from some of the participating countries (perhaps gifts); brochures for the games; commemorative t-shirts; and relay race batons used during the games.

History of the IBI

Subseries consists of a box of material marked "Histoire de l'IBI." It contains different types of documents relating to the creation of the IBI (starting in 1951), the Constitution Committee, and the provisional International Computation Centre. Copies of the legal agreements with the Italian government (headquarters agreement, official journal, decree, etc) are also in the files. In addition to this, there are also copies of memoranda reviewing the situation of the Organization and its future prospects. There is also a paper by the 'DEA' which documents the history of the organization from its creation through to the 1980s.

Documentation files

La sous-série des dossiers thématiques est constituée de dossiers par thème regroupant des articles ou coupures de presse relatives à un un sujet donné. Il y a également des publications sur des thèmes divers concernant l'informatique. Les dossiers sont classés par code alphanumérique (code du centre de documentation). Plusieurs dossiers et pièces manquant une code se trouvent au fin de la sous-série - ils sont classés par ordre alphabétique.


La sous-série des diapositifs contient des négatifs de diapositifs d'évènements auxquels l'IBI participa, ou organisa. On y trouve notamment des diapositives du séminaire inaugural de l'Institut pour le développement de l'informatique (IBIDI), tenu à la technopolis de Bari, du 24 au 30 novembre 1985, ainsi que les diapositifs d'une communication donnée par Enrique Melrose, directeur du département de l'Amérique latine à l'occasion d'une conférence indéterminée. D'autres diapositifs contiennent des éléments de présentation de l'IBI, dont certains à l'occasion de la conférence SPIN et celles d'un accord de coopération engageant l'IBI de nature indéterminée. Trois autres boîtes de diapositifs renseignement sur des réunions de l'IBI.

Une grande partie des diapositifs présentants l'IBI semble être du matériel utilisé dans la confection des enregistrements promotionnels audiovisuels de l'IBI. Ceux-ci pourront être consultés dans les ensembles de la sous-série des cassettes vidéos magnétiques, particulièrement le dossier "Présentation de l'IBI".

Sound records of conferences and meetings

These sound records contain mostly floor recordings of conferences and other events, speeches of the Director General and other important persons and systematic recordings of all meetings of the General Conference and the Executive Board.

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