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Dossier [unfiled correspondence]

File contains information on "cas individuels": "Mme Cardenas; Mr. E. Carrigues, Délégue de l'Espagne (tentative d'enlèvement); Mr. I. Iacobescu; Mr. M. Inghilesi; Mr. Ponomarev" (1993 inventory).

Birthright of Man

File has the sub-heading "20th anniversary of Human Rights Declaration."


File has the following sub-headings: "Table ronde du Secrétariat; Petition to DG; Report of the Ad-Hoc committee appointed to examine the conduct of Mr. Huberman; Questionnaier de l'STA; OECD conference on policies for educational growth...

Central Registry Collection

The collection consists of UNESCO records that were routed to and organized by a centralized Registry Section. The principal and system of classification used by the Registry was Universal Decimal Classification. The collection is further organiz...

UNESCO. Registry Section

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