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Funds-in-Trust - Denmark : Model Funds-in-Trust project agreement between UNESCO and the Kingdom of Denmark for the project "Enhancing the Safety of Journalists in Africa and the Arab Region"

This Funds-in-Trust agreement is signed with UNESCO by the Permanent Delegation of the kingdom of Denmark to UNESCO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. It contains three annexes, including a Project Document.

Specific Funds-in-Trust Project Agreement between UNESCO and Sweden, represented by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

The agreement takes place within a Framework Agreement (2014) and is intended to support UNESCO's project "Strengthening Sciences, Technology and Innovation (STI) Systems in Africa." The project outline document, including a Result Assessment Framework, a budget and a workplan, are annexed.

Funds-in-Trust - Yemen

Subsubseries contains FIT agreements for Yemen as a recipient country.

Plan d'opérations type d'un projet financé par des fonds-en-dépôt - accord entre l'UNESCO et le Gouvernement de la République démocratique du Congo

  • FR PUNES AG 08-LEG-A-1111
  • Sous-série organique
  • 2004-12-23
  • Fait partie de Secretariat Records

Project agreement for the funds-in-trust cooperation project financed by UNESCO-Belgium on Strengthening the capacities of the Democratic Republic of Congo to monitor and address natural resources conflicts in World Heritage sites.

Carta de la Directora, División para la cooperación con Fondos Extra-presupuestarios, UNESCO, del Consejero de Vivienda y Asuntos Sociales del Gobierno Vasco

Copy of signed letter with project document attached: Proyecto de Cooperación Técnica Apoyo para el Fortalecimiento de la Géstion de Políticas Sociales de la República Argentina - Período Octubre del 2004 a Septiembre del 2005.

Bahrain/UNESCO - cooperation in the field of education - Extended Agreement for the project in support of the "Establishment of Technical and Vocational Education Centre of Excellence in Bahrain - Phase I"

Includes, unsigned agreement dated 26 Apr 2004, copy of signed agreement dated 29 Apr 2004, email correspondence regarding budget and project extension letter dated 10 Dec 2006. Project extended until Dec 2008.

Plan of Operation for a Fund-in-Trust project - Agreement between UNESCO and the Palestinian Authority

Subseries contains an original and copy of a 2002 Plan of Operation signed between UNESCO and the Palestinian Authority for the project "Enhancing Palestinian Human Resources: Assistance to Palestinian Students" financed by the Japanese Funds-in-Trust for the capacity-building of human resources.

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