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UNESCO. Funds-in-Trust
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Fonds en dépôt - Uganda

Subsubseries consists of the FIT agreements for Uganda as a recipient country.

Bahrain/UNESCO - cooperation in the field of education - Extended Agreement for the project in support of the "Establishment of Technical and Vocational Education Centre of Excellence in Bahrain - Phase I"

Includes, unsigned agreement dated 26 Apr 2004, copy of signed agreement dated 29 Apr 2004, email correspondence regarding budget and project extension letter dated 10 Dec 2006. Project extended until Dec 2008.

Funds-in-Trust - Nicaragua

  • FR PUNES AG 8-LEG-A-372-49
  • Sous-sous-série
  • 1985-1986, 1998
  • Fait partie de Secretariat Records

Subsubseries consists of FIT agreements for Nicaragua as a recipient country.

UNESCO Chernobyl Programme

Subsubseries contains FIT agreements for Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation as donor and a recipient countries.

Fonds en dépôt - Mali

Subsubseries consists of the FIT agreements for Mali as a recipient country.

Fonds en dépôt - Nepal

Subsubseries consists of the FIT agreements for Nepal as a recipient country.

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