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Messens, George Mexico Item Cultural property preservation
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English transcription: Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. UNESCO has sent experts to this Centre to teach restoration techniques. Mr. George Messens, UNESCO expert from the Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage, Brussels, is seen here restoring an 18th century painting on wood, thought to be a copy of the original (Flemish School) in the Gand Museum.
French transcription: Centre d'Études pour la conservation des biens culturels. L'UNESCO prête à ce Centre des experts chargés d'y enseigner les techniques de restauration. M. Georges Messens, expert de l'UNESCO, au cours de la restauration d'une peinture sur bois du 18e siècle, probablement la copie d'un original de l'École flamande du Musée de Gand. M. Messens est également restaurateur de l'Institut Royal du Patrimoine artistique à Bruxelles.
Description: Approximately six people are standing around the table. Restoration expert Mr. Georges Messens is using a microscope to examine the painting carefully. The painting depicts a portrait of a woman and is painted in the style of Flemish school. All people on a photograph are wearing white laboratory coats. Two of them are taking notes.
Location: Churubusco (near Mexico)