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Trevor Burrows Mexico Item Cultural property preservation
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English transcription: Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. UNESCO has sent experts to this Centre to teach restoration techniques. Mr. Trevor Burrows, a scholarship holder from Jamaica, is seen here restoring an 18th century painting of The Archangel from the Mexican colonial period.
French transcription: Centre d'Études pour la conservation des biens culturels. L'UNESCO prête à ce Centre des experts chargés d'y enseigner les techniques de restauration. Trevor Burrows, boursier de la Jamaïque, restaurant une toile du 18e siècle, l'Archange peinture coloniale mexicaine.
Description: On the left side of the photograph is sitting Mr. Trevor Burrows who is restoring a painting. He wears a white laboratory coat and in his right hand, he holds a brush. The painting depicts an angel. Through the window we can see trees.
Location: Churubusco (near Mexico)