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Film archives

The film archives of UNESCO are divided into three parts:

  • The archives of film productions, containing about 7500 film cans of material produced by UNESCO itself.

  • The archives of reference films, containing about 1100 works which not have been produced by UNESCO itself but have been given to the organisation by NGOs, foreign film producers or member states.

  • The archives of distributed films, containing around 2500 copies of 210 films. These films have been produced by the organisation and concern different programmes or projects.

Online search of a portion of Unesco film material is possible via: UNESCO Archives Multimedia Database. Digitizing Our Shared Unesco History

All other film material is indexed in an electronic database, originally created and maintained by the Division of Public Information.

For questions regarding access to the film archives, or to request a search for film titles in the electronic database, please contact:

33rd General Conference, Paris

Documents of the 33rd General Conference of UNESCO, taking place in Paris as ordinary session.
President of the Conference: Mr. Musa Bin Jaafar BIN HASSAN (Oman).

Accords entre la COI et les états membres, les organisations internationales, ou les organisations multilatérales

La série comprend des accords signés entre l’ UNESCO-COI avec les états membres, ainsi que les organisations internationales, multilatérales et régionales. Les accords sont classés par état membre ou organisation, sauf pour les accords sur l’établissement des bureaux de programmes, qui se trouve dans les dossiers à part. Les accords sont également classés séparément quand il y a plusieurs signataires (ie. un accord signé par l’OMM et l’ICSU se trouve dans un dossier particulier au lieu d’être classé dans le dossier OMM).

Specific Funds-in-trust project agreement between Sweden, represented by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and UNESCO

Agreement for the implementation of activities for the Advanced Regional Training Programme (ARTP) in Education for Sustainable Develoment (ESD) in Southern Africa.

Includes Standard template for preparation of project document with Annexes A-D

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