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Legal Instruments

In the course of its activities, UNESCO enters into legal agreements with member states, international and regional organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, foundations, private companies and individuals. UNESCO’s General Conference also adopts international standard-setting instruments, including, so far, twenty-nine conventions, thirty-two recommendations, and thirteen declarations. In addition to this, UNESCO can be the designated depository for instruments adopted by other intergovernmental conferences. Member states then issue and send legal instruments to UNESCO in reponse to these standard-setting instruments. The Collection consists of legal instruments transferred to the Archives and registered by Archives staff in one of the following three series: A) Instruments signed with member states; B) Instruments signed with organizations, companies and private individuals; and C) Donations, bequests and legacies.

Special agreement extending the juridiction of the Administration Tribunal of the United Nations to UNESCO

The file contains one signed copy in English and one signed copy in French of a Special agreement extending the jurisdiction of the UN Administrative Tribunal to UNESCO. The agreement was signed in response to petitions by the staff regarding the lack of observance of the statutes of the UN Pension Fund. The agreement is signed by Director-General Luther H. Evans and Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld.

Note of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy informing that Pr. Francesco Severi, Head of the Delegation, E. Bompiani, M. Picone and de Clementi were appointed as Delegates to the International Conference for an establishment of a Computation Centre

The letters include the following information (in italian) on the delegates:
-Prof. Francesco Severi, Vice-Presidente della Commissione Nazionale per l'Unesco; Direttore del l'Instituto di Alta Matematica; Capo della Delegazione
-Prof. Enrico Bompiani, del l'Universita di Roma; Presidente del l'Unione Matematica Italiana; Delegato
-Prof. Mauro Picone, del l'Universita di Roma; Direttore del l'Instituto Nazionale per le applicazioni del calcolo; Delegato
-Dott. Alberto de Clementi, primo segretario di Legazione; Delegator permanente del l'Italia presso Unesco; Consigliere

Convention on the Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics

Convention instituant une Organisation internationale désignée sous le nom de Bureau intergouvernementale pour l'informatique (IBI) depuis la VII session de l'Assemblée générale tenue à Rome du 11 au 13 décembre 1974. Amendement. Copie non signée.

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