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Executive Board Documents
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Executive Board Documents

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  • Archive Group

The Archive Group includes the documents of all Executive Boards from 1946 onwards.
For every session of the EXB, the following kinds of documents exist:

  • EX - Main series: These documents are published on white paper in six working languages of the EXB. On the first page, there is always a summary of the document. At the end of this summary, the paragraph of the draft decision is noted.
  • EX/INF - Information documents: These are published also on white paper, but only in English and French.
  • EX/PRIV - Private documents: The private documents are on yellow paper. On the left hand side, they are marked as “confidential” and their distribution is limited (20-year rule applies for access to these documents in the documents).
  • Draft decisions: Draft decisions are on pink paper. On the right hand side, the reference code DR is joined to the other codes in reference to their submission. Under the item, the names of the countries which presented the DR are noted.
  • Decisions: The final edition is published in the month following the session.
  • Summary records: these documents are prepared in the six working languages of the Board. A summary of speeches made in Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Spanish is published in the original language, followed by the translation into English or French. They are published in provisional form to be distributed to Members for possible amendments. They are then issued in a single document that forms the definitive version.

UNESCO. Executive Board

122nd Executive Board session, Paris/Sofia

Documents of the 122nd Executive Board session of UNESCO taking place in Paris (First part), then in Sofia (Second part).
President of the session: Mr. Patrick K. SEDDOH (Ghana).

146th Executive Board session, Paris/Fez

Documents of the 146th Executive Board session of UNESCO taking place in Paris (First part), then in Fez (Second part).
President of the session: Ms Attiya INAYATULLAH (Pakistan).

15th Executive Board session, Paris

Documents of the 15th Executive Board session of UNESCO taking place in Paris.
President of the session: Dr Caracciolo PARRA-PEREZ (Venezuela)*.

  • He substitued for this session the titular president Sir Sarvepalli RADHAKRISHAN (India).
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