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English transcription: (Note the script is very blurred and many words are written on top of one another. The following is an approximation of what might be written on the back of the photo.) Bhutan's radio market. Curious to find out whether Bhutanese could easily obtain radios. I found in the market place this (...) selling a (...) of receivers. It struck me that we were on the right track to insert into the UNESCO DANI(..) project, a component for the assembly of solar powered FM/SW receivers designed by Mallard Concepts, commissioned by UNESCO.

Description: Two men and two children are sitting opposite each other on the street in Bhutan. One of the men is holding a radio.


English transcription: Bhutan radio began in the 1970s as a project of young folk interested in announcing news and music. They are all now important officials in government. Meanwhile under their direction, a new group of young women and men, 57 of them are running the station and a new project with UNESCO/DANIDA for $1.3 million

Description: Dans un studio d'enregistrement, un jeune garçon avec un casque sur la tête est en train d'effectuer des réglages. Il est entouré d'équipements audio, comme des micros et un lecteur de bandes. La pièce est décorée de petits fanions.


English transcription: To provide comprehensive news, Bhutan radio journalists monitor broadcasts from US, Moscow, France, India. They work closely with their colleagues from the national newspaper Kuensel. Development of Bhutan Broadcasting services is now a UNESCO DANIDA project for $ 1.3 million.

Description: Deux personnes sont assises à un bureau. Un homme lit le journal. L'autre personne dont on ne voit que les mains lit des documents. Sur le bureau sont disposés des livres, des papiers et un transistor.


English transcription: The Bhutanese pioneered not only the computerization of their national newspaper, but also the use of Dzongkha characters (their national script) using Macintosh desktop publishing equipment. This was a UNDP project and is now fully on its own. Shown is the English Editor.

Description: Dans un bureau, un homme est en train de taper à un ordinateur. Il y a sur l'écran deux zones de textes distinctes.