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More than 5000 books and journals for the period 1946-1971 and approximately 5000 publications for the period 1971 until now.

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The archival group is very comprehensive and nearly complete for the years 1946 to 1971. This part is listed by the inventory "Bibliography of publications issued by UNESCO under its auspices for the first twenty-five years: 1946 to 1971".
Afterwards the diversity of methods of publication that are involved in carrying out the programme of UNESCO makes it difficult to identify and collect all publications in which UNESCO has taken any part. Publications of this period may also be kept in the library only.

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As indicated by the Administrative Manual, the UNESCO Archives is the legal depot for UNESCO publications. Creating units are therefore responsible for the direct transfer of one exemplar of all publications to the archives. Publications issued with the assistance of UNESCO are transferred as per the terms of the agreement for their creation.

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The Archive Group consists of publications produced or funded by the UNESCO Secretariat from the foundation of UNESCO in 1946 until now. The Archival Group is arranged into three collections:

  • Works published directly by UNESCO under its own imprint (complete until December 1971, afterwards some publications might be missing);
  • Works published through financial or other forms of assistance from UNESCO;
    -Works issued by National Commissions under agreement with the UNESCO Secretariat (for the most part these are translations of publications issued by UNESCO).

The Archive Group does not contain publications relating to UNESCO and its activities written independently of the Organization. This also applies to any publications of National Commissions which are not translations or adaptations of UNESCO publications and were not issued under contract.

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Continuous accruals.

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AG 7/1: Bibliography of publications issued by UNESCO or under its auspices the first twenty-five years, 1946-1971

From 1972 on (partly also publications before 1972):
UNESCO Document and Publication Database (UNESDOC database)

AG 7/3: List of UNESCO periodicals

AG 7/3: List of Unesco serial publications with ARC codes

AG 7/4: Registers of publications by ARC-code, 1946-

AG 7/5: Card-index of publications, 1946-1971

AG 7/6 : National Commissions for Unesco: publications catalogue 1968, 1972; also registers 1947-

AG 7/6: Registers of publications of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in close collaboration with UNESCO, 1945-

AG 7/6 Bib : Bibliographies publiées sous les auspices de l'Unesco.

AG 7/6 BIE: International Bureau of Education: list of publications. 1928-1969

AG 7/6 IIE: International Institute of Educational Planning: publications catalogue.

AG 7/6 IOC: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. List of IOC publications in stock.

AG 7/6 OER: Unesco Collection of Representative Works: catalogue (Unesco programme for the translation of literary works)

AG 7/6 OER: Selected lists of representative works of Arabic, European and Latin American literature.

AG 7/6 OER: List of Representative Works of World Literature. 1973

AG 7/6 ICA: International Council on Archives: list of publications

AG 7/6 Maps: Register of maps kept by the Archives

The UNESCO Courier, 1948-2002, via UNESDOC database

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Some of the more recent works might only be kept in the UNESCO library.

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Most of the publications are also available in the UNESCO library.

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