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International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation. Information Section

  • Corporate body
  • 1925-1946

The Information Section operated from 1925 until 1946. According to article XXV of the internal regulations of the IIIC of 1925, “the Information Section reports to the public about the activities of the Institute. It is also concerned with technical questions relating to the international spread of knowledge and ideas (the problem of books, the circulation of prints, etc.).”
Its primary goal was to make IIIC activities known to the public by means of international press reports. The Section therefore maintained connections to daily and periodical papers in various countries and corresponded with associations of journalists, editors, librarians, and authors. It sent regular digests of IIIC news to the daily press and published a bulletin. The Section also studied the activities of worldwide press agencies and the means to make them collaborate. In 1926 it drew up a project for an international press directory. The Section also organized and hosted journalist meetings at the IIIC in Paris.

The Information Section of the IIIC collected lists of “remarkable works” (a predecessor of UNESCO’s “Catalogue of Representative Works”), drawn up by National Commissions of Intellectual Cooperation in various countries, and facilitated their publication. It investigated, in collaboration with editors, the obstacles in the worldwide spreading of books, gathered experts on this topic, and produced statistics on the sale of books. The question of the spread of knowledge was connected to broadcasting, too, which the Information Section also covered. The Section edited reports on broadcasting and maintained contact with the World Broadcasting Union.

As part of these efforts, the IIIC sent a delegate to the 1928 press exhibition in Cologne, cooperated with the ILO on the condition of work for journalists, and cooperated with various national and international associations for radio journalism. From 1930 until 1937, the IIIC collaborated with the International Federation of Journalists. The IIIC also sent a delegate to the 1933 Congress of journalists in Madrid. Its first chief in 1925 was the Italian Guiseppe Prezzolini, who was assisted by an assistant and several referents.

The activities of the Section ceased together with the dissolution of the Institute in 1946.



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