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English transcription: Educational Television. Pupils watching a recreational programme which is transmitted every Saturday for the use of school children. This TV-set has been obtained through the UNESCO Gift Coupon Project No. 320.
French transcription: Télévision scolaire. Des écoliers regardent un programme de télévision qui leur est offert tous les samedi. Le poste a été achété grâce aux bons d'entraide de l'UNESCO (Projet numéro 320).
Description: A class of children, sitting in a school library, watches an educational programme on television. Their teacher stands to the right of the television.


English transcription: Teaching by radio. UNESCO, through its Gift Coupon system, is trying to help the Government of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in suppyling radio receivers for some of the country's schools. Shown here is the Government Girls College. The radio receiver in this class has been supplied thanks to the UNESCO Gift Coupons system.
French transcription: Radio scolaire. L'UNESCO, par le système de ses bons d'entraide, essaie d'aider le gouvernement de Ceylan à équiper les écoles de postes de radio. Ici, le Government Girls College dont le poste de radio a été fourni grâce aux bons d'entraide de l'UNESCO.
Description: La photo montre les élèves d'une école primaire qui suivent le cours de leur professeur à travers un poste radio offert par le biais des coupons d'entraide de l'UNESCO.


English transcription: This loudspeaker has been erected for educational purposes as a gift from Norway.
French transcription: Equipement radiophonique destiné aux habitants de ce village dans un but éducatif. Cet équipement est un don de la Norvège.
Description: An outdoor loudpeaker seen in a village setting.


English transcription: Primary school for girls, assisted under UNESCO Gift Coupon Project No. 344. Shown here, young pupils with a local teacher.
French transcription: Une institutrice et deux petites élèves de l'école primaire de filles de Garango. Cette école est aidée par les bons d'entraide de l'UNESCO (Projet No 344).
Description: A female teacher seated outdoors between two young girls. The student on the right is showing her open schoolbook to the teacher and, to the left, the other student seems to be looking at the same page in her own open book.


English transcription: UNESCO Gift Coupon Project n°329. A mobile library for women centaining 500 books in Cingalese and 200 others in English was established in 1940 by Mrs. Reene Perera, President of the Ceylon Sri Lanka Federation of University Women, who personnally distributes these books with her own car in 4 centres of the Colombo area. Shown here is one of these centres. Mrs. Perera on photos.
French transcription: Projet de bon d'entraide. La Bibliothèque mobile créée en 1940 par Mme Reene Perea, Présidentes de la Fédération cingalaise des femmes universitaires, comprend 500 livres en cingalais et 200 en anglais. Mme Perera procède elle-même, avec sa voiture personnelle, à la distribution de ces livres dans 4 centres de la banlieue de Colombo destinés aux femmes et aux jeunes filles. Ici, l'un des centres. (Mme Perera se trouve sur les photos).
Description: Two tables have been set up outside, on which many books and boxes are placed. Twelve young women are gathered around the tables picking up and studying the books. In the background, there are people with umbrellas shading themselves from the sun, cows eating grass, children, a house or building, a tree, and other vegetation.


English transcription: Two small pupils at the primary school for girls wash their hands before going into class, as they have been taught. The school, which is assisted under UNESCO's Gift Coupon Scheme, Project No. 344, was founded by an international womens' movement.
French transcription: Ecole de filles fondée par les Auxiliaires féminines internationales. L'école est aidée par le système de Bons d'entraide de l'UNESCO (Projet No. 344). Avant le début des leçons on apprend aux enfants à se laver les mains.
Description: Two young girls stand by a basin of water on a table. One is holding her hands over the basin, while the other pours water from a can onto them.


English transcription: Lebanon - Beirut - 1966. With the aim of raising the standard of living of women in rural areas, the Lebanese Government has introduced a programme of rural education. This project has benefited from the UNESCO Gift Coupon Programme No. 325. A sewing lesson women learning to make their own patterns.
French transcription: 33383 - Liban - Beyrouth - 1966. Le Gouvernement libanais a mis sur pieds un programme d'éducation rurale dans le but d'élever la niveau de vie de la femme. Ce projet est aidé par le Programme de Bons d'Entraide de l'UNESCO No. 325. Leçon de couture établissement d'un patron.
Description: A group of women learn how to sew in a classroom.