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"Construire la paix dans l’esprit des hommes et des femmes"

Archive Group AG 8 - Secretariat Records

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Secretariat Records


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Secretariat records, as separate from Secretariat Documents issued with official document codes, include programme files, project files, division files, registry files, administrative files, and working files. The Archival Group is comprised of the following collections and fonds:

  • Legal instruments (LA) Collection: agreements, conventions, recommendations, final acts, plans of operation, protocols, contracts, statutes, credentials, full powers of the Delegates of the General Conference, etc., that have been transferred to the Archives.

  • Central Registry Collection: official correspondence files (also called 'registry files' and 'subject files on programme maters') contianing documents collected from Secretariat units and organized according to a subject-based classification scheme by the former Registry Section.

  • Secretariat fonds: records created and maintained by the organizational units of the Secretariat in the course of their activities, such as, for example, the Executive Office of the Director General (CAB), Bureau of Studies and Programming (BEP, PSP), Secretariat of the General Conference and the Executive Board (SCX), etc. The fonds includes records of committees and commissions that reported to the Director-General.

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The filing plan used for programme sector of the Secretariat (1946-1996) files, which are the main records of this fond, is mainly based on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system. The UDC structures information and files according to subject words in a codification system developed as a cataloguing tool for libraries.

Since 1996, most programme sector files are organised according to decentralized filing plans, which reflect the provenance of the records. These are therefore arranged with the Secretariat Fonds. The inventories of archives originating in the central and administrative services have respected the traditional, archival provenance principle since the establishment of the Secretariat in 1946 and also form part of the Secretariat fonds.

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The Rules governing access to the archives by external researchers are established in the UNESCO Administrative Manual, Appendix 9.5a.
As a general rule, Secretariat correspondence and administrative files are open for consultation after twenty years, counted from the most recent item in the file.
Access to a document or file not yet within the open consultation period may be granted by the Chief Archivist on an exceptional basis with the agreement of the appropriate official(s) or unit(s) of the Secretariat.

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  • chinois
  • anglais
  • français
  • russe
  • espagnol

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AG 8/1: Secretariat records: list of sub-groups and series (220)

AG 8/2.1: Abridged filing plan for the official dossiers in use by the Secretariat of UNESCO (GES/WS/2), (NB: The official dossiers are also called “registry files”, “official correspondence files” or “programme files”)

AG 8/2.2 REG: Index of inactive correspondence files, 1st series, 1946-1956

AG 8/2.3 REG: Index of inactive correspondence files, 2nd series, 1957-1966

AG 8/2.4 REG: Box list for inactive correspondence files, 1st and 2nd series (box REG 1-1632),1946-1966

Registry files: card index, Inventories of records transferred to the Archives by series (constituted by administrative units), 1946-1966

Inventories of records transferred to the Archives by series (constituted by administrative units)

AG 8/3 LA: Legal instruments (agreements, conventions, solemn documents and other instruments: list, registers, card index), partly computerized as of 1990

AG 8/3 TA: List of Technical Assistance projects, 1950-1972

AG 8/3 SF: List of Special Fund projects, 1959-1972

AG 8/3 PP: Participation Programme (PP): list of documents and records, 1955-

AG 8/4 SCHM: International Commission for a History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind (SCHM): inventory of archives, 1944-1969

AG 8/4 Int.Com.: Internal committees, boards, councils and working groups of the Unesco Secretariat

AG 8/5: Biographical files (name files) established by the Archives on selected persons related to UNESCO and its activities

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